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System reviews
Web Servers reviews:

Xinit Webload 1100
You could fit 42 of these in a standard rack - is this everything you need to build a powerful Web site? From PC Plus 167, September 2000
Reviewed in PC Plus 167, September 2000Rating 9/10
Cobalt RaQ 3I
The new RaQ 3i from Cobalt is thin, cobalt and thoroughly enjoyable to use. From PC Plus 167, September 2000
Reviewed in PC Plus 167, September 2000Rating 9/10
Inlogica P-Series ThinWeb server
With four servers per 'U', you could fill a rack to bursting point with the P-Series. From PC Plus 169, October 2000
Reviewed in PC Plus 169, October 2000Rating 9/10
Intel InBusiness E-Mail Station
Could this little blue box be the answer to all of your SOHO prayers? From PC Plus 170, November 2000
Reviewed in PC Plus 170, November 2000Rating 9/10
3Com Internet Server 3C19504
An internet server that's better suited to an intranet. From PC Plus 175, April 2001
Reviewed in PC Plus 175, April 2001Rating 8/10
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